The first building in this town was erected in the summer of 1857. It was a small log building, 20 x 30 feet, on or about the site where the City Barber Shop was and Associated Assurance is now located. It was used for both school and church purposes. In 1881, a frame building was erected for church use. It was built almost on the site where the Blue Bird Café was and where Velma’s Beauty Shop now stands. About the same time, a new school building was erected on what is now Caswell Street. It was a two-story building, the first floor being used for school and the upper floor for the Masonic Lodge.

The first store was built in 1887 on what is now North Main Street and was operated by Rev. Aquilla Weathers. Although small in size, it served the few people of this section. It must be remembered that the growth of the town was slow. During the Civil War and following, this section, like others, keenly felt the effects of the war and the devastation that was connected with it.

Around 1888, the farmers met and organized a store that was known as Farmers Alliance, or Club Store. Operated by J.D. DeLoach for three years, it was later sold to J.P. Collins and A.J. DeLoach. This marked the beginning of the mercantile business. Up to this time, the little village which consisted of one church, one school, and a Masonic Lodge was called Philadelphia and the meaning of this name, brotherly love, was strongly felt, for the people loved each other and were always ready to assist when there was sickness or distress in the community.

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